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 [News]Server Creation Status and Updates

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PostSubject: [News]Server Creation Status and Updates   Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:46 pm

Hello FlyForDestiny .
I know I've kept you guys waiting for awhile, sorry about that, but I do bring you guys some good news.

FlyForDestiny will be open and online very soon!

I want to provide you guys with some insight on what the status of the server is so far:

Somethings that are already completed and finished:

  • Site - Finished, still adding a few touches.
  • Server - Finished, doing the finishing touches to in-game edits.
  • Forums - Finished.
  • Web Shop - Finished, still a few things to perfect.
  • List will be updated .

Somethings that we are working on:

  • In-Game Edits
  • Additional Map Creations
  • User CP and GameMaster CP
  • Fully Customizable Client Option
  • May work on Web Event Handler[Not 100% Sure]
  • List will be updated

Alright here are some answers to questions you guys may have:

1) When will server be up?
Answer: At the least tomorrow, at the most in 2-3 days.
2) Will there be any events on the day of grand opening?
Answer: Yes, there will be tons of events, such as an EXP event for the first few days, EXP will be doubled.
3) When will donations be open?
Answer: As soon as server is up and running, if you would like to donate please contact Sync in chatbox or via forum private messaging.
4) Where can I ask more questions?
Answer: In the support section.

Well if you need to know anything, feel free to PM any of the staff, your questions WILL be answered.


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[News]Server Creation Status and Updates
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