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 Power jester build

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PostSubject: Power jester build   Power jester build EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 12:50 am

Power Jester!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 1: What is a Power Jester?

A Power Jester is a Jester who does not focus on evasion or blockrate too much. Who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'tanking' and who is only out to do one thing: destroy.A Power Jester will tear through spawns like a freight train and kill giants up to 12 levels higher with ease. A Power Jester will completely tear clockworks limb from limb in a very short time, leaving your friends and foes speechless.

A Power Jester will also tear through your wallet like it's nobody's business. Be prepared to fork over the big bucks. Poor people need not apply, sorry.

So that should be enough of the George Lucasā„¢ hype. On to the negative sides. A Power Jester build is a very poor choice in the following cases:

* When you don't have friends. You need an RM at all times.
* When you don't have considerable finances.
* When you can't stand dying now and then.
* When your ass is scared of blinking HP.
* When you're one of the fools that equip bows.
* When you're used to click-hit-exp grinding. This requires concentration.
* When you want to AoE, though Jesters have no AoE,

Beyond everything, a Power Jester focuses on damage over time. Not necessarily damage per hit. I'll get back with you on this later.

2. STR: the way, the path, the key. the jelly on your peanutbutter and the electrolytes in your Gatoradeā„¢.

To achieve extreme damage on a Jester, one must free him- or herself from the confinements of Bows and pick up the single most leathal weapon in FlyFF: the Yoyo. Yoyos don't have jack shit to do with STA, DEX or INT. The weapon they draw power from is STR, and in this context STR is the most important stat you will ever encounter.

The power of a Jester lies in critical hits. Due to all the critical bonusses a Jester receives through equipment, critical hits are boosted beyond normal, causing extremedamage once it connects. A critical hit is a multiplication of your default hit. This can range between 1%-50+% more damage, or up to 200% damage if the level of the target is lower than yours. Needless to say, the exponential growth is tremendous. Add the critical damage bonusses I mentioned earlier, and you have yourself a crit whore.

STR influences one thing: attack rating. The higher your attack rating, the more your default damage becomes. The higher your default damage is, the higher damage your critical hits will do. A small example again to emphasize the importance of default strength.

Normal hit: 1000 --> critical hit: 3500
Normal hit: 1100 --> critical hit: 4000

This is, of course, not an example straight out of the practical exam, but it does cover the same principal. When a butterfly flaps its wings, it causes a hurricane 1000 miles away. Exponential growth is the key that you must understand to become a succesful YJ.

3. DEX. lolmath

DEX is not entirely useless. In fact, it's highly important up until a certain point. DEX adds only two things for a Power Jester:

* Accuracy
* Critical Rating

LOL ASPD BREAKPOINT $#!%@@$. Your breakpoint lies in two skills: Haste and Gerburah Tiphreth (aka GT). Fuck breakpoints and cookie cutter builds. A Jester with 15 base DEX has 47% aspd. Add Haste/GT to this and you have 97%. Add the Cannonball buff to this, and you're at a nice 100%. Done deal.

"BUT WE ONLI SOLO". If all you want to do is solo, then make a battle RM or a BJ. Anti social people and kant-find-are-em people don't need a Yoyo Jester, sorry. Make some friends, find some RMs, etc. I have friends from all servers that are YJs, and they were all able to find RMs, so you can too.

Your accuracy, however, won't max out with 15 DEX. Depending on what you kill, your accuracy will suffer. Less accuracy means more misses, which in turn equals less damage over time. Needless to say, a Power Jester needs maximum accuracy to fully utilize its powerful attacks. The strongest hits are useless if they miss, and no amount of damage can compensate for one.

The Accuracy buff, Cannonball and a +'d set will greatly improve on your eye-sight. With a +10 set, you don't even need to worry about accuracy at all combined with RM buffs, but a +8 set might need some extra DEX to add to the hitrate. Seeing as it greatly depends on what you fight, it's difficult to tell just how much DEX you need in order to obtain maximum hitrate. Around 40-50 DEX buffed with a +8 set, however, should grant you immaculate hitrate. Once you obtain a +10 set, you can decrease your DEX pretty much as far as you want.

Critical rating comes in second when it comes to important DEX-related issues. Critical Swing already adds 40%, your 90 set will add 15% more. This means you won't need much DEX to achieve a comfortable criticalrating. I will personally never recommend any lower than 83% critical rating . It seems that anything less just doesn't critical a lot, and thus you lose a tremendous amount of damage. I've tested 75%, 79%, 83%, 87%, 91%, 96% and 100%. 87% is my favorite, while 83% is in close second. Anything more sacrificed too much STR, and anything less sacrificed too many crits.

Remember: a Jester class quadruples the DEX:crit ratio. Every 10 DEX means 4% critical ratio, rather than just 1%. I'll put up a small graphical of critical ratio.

you can see, maximum crit rate at lvl 90+ is already obtained at 110 DEX buffed. This means that with 83 DEX, you can reach 110 and thus max critical output (99% = maxed). You may now 'lol' at all the people with 90/100+ DEX builds. Yes, DEX beyond 83 is now officially wasted. ASPD = 100% and so is hitrate. 83 DEX should be your DEX cap at all times, regardless of what you do. This was my old 83 DEX build, which I no longer follow though still recommend to people pre-90.

We go further up and see that at 80 DEX buffed, we already achieve 87% critical rating. In fact, at 70 DEX buffed we get 83%. Is this enough? Yes, it is. Some basic pre-school math: 70 - 20(cannonball) - 7(H.Yoyo) = 43 base DEX. Now that's a LOT less than the cookie-cutter 92 base DEX builds, isn't it? Same aspd, same hitrate, almost equal crit rate, yet every hit you do does twice as much damage cause of your higher STR value. Win!

43 DEX is based on a +4 or lower set, which should never happen. Power Jesters need atleast a +8 set or higher. I warned you, it will be expensive (though +8 sets are not uncommon at all). +5 set adds 1 DEX, +8 adds 2 DEX and +10 adds 3 DEX. Masks can add 1 more DEX, capes can add more DEX and DEX statted equipment can add up to 16 more. I will make a Dexion vs. Strente chapter later down the road. With a +8 lvl 90 set, you only need 41 base DEX, which requires you to only place 26 points in DEX, leaving an immense amount of points for STR. The previously mentioned masks, capes, etc will only reduce the DEX value further. Your accuracy at this amount of DEX is still good and nothing to worry about.

Evasion and blockrate are still excellent at 43 DEX. Perfect Block already adds 20%, and your set will add more depending on how high you +'d it. I still block a lot of hits from monsters, so I'm not even worried about that. Besides, you have food - use it.

4. Full STR. The forbidden power. The sangreal. Judgment calling.

This is what it eventually boils down to. Full STR. Is full STR plausible? Yes. Is it actually effective? Maybe. Is it cheap? FUCK NO.

Full STR leaves you with a default crit ratio of 4%. Add all your buffs and equipment to this, and you will end up at 43 DEX, which gives you 71% crit rate. Is this enough? No, it is not. For some reason, 71% feels like you miss out on a LOT of critical hits. You might critical most of the time, but all those critical hits don't compensate for the many you've missed, and thus missed out on more potential damage over time. I highly recommend AGAINST a full STR build. Unless:

This is where decking out your Jester comes in place. What you must achieve, is getting 70 DEX buffed while having 15 DEX base. Full STR + 83% crit ratio = epic orgasm. Yes, this means you have to pull out the statted parts, the masks, capes and most of all, the Dexionz.

Dexion vs Strente

To reach 70 DEX buffed while maintaining your 15 base DEX, amongst other things, you must obtain a Dexion+2 or higher. A Dexion+3 instantly boosts you up to 45 DEX base, which surpasses the 43 DEX build. A Dexion+2 will put you at 35 DEX, so it's wise to somehow scrape the 8 remaining DEX from your equipment, or add DEX to 23 base to compensate. However, it wouldn't be much of a full STR build then, would it? Try to obtain statted gear, masks, etc.

However, a Dexion replaces another thing: a Strente. Wouldn't it be better to make your DEX 43, then equip that extra Strente? Sometimes, yes. Multiple factors:

15 DEX+Dexion+2 vs 35 DEX+Strente+1:
Strente loses. You gain more STR in the end by adding it yourself, then compensating for DEX with a ring. Easy math.

15 DEX+Dexion+2 vs 35 DEX+Strente+2:

This is no difference. Either you add 20 DEX and gain 20 STR from your ring, or you add 20 STR and gain 20 DEX from your ring. Multiple ways lead to Rome, and these two are exactly equal.

15 DEX+Dexion+2 vs 35 DEX+Strente+3:
A Dexion+3 is overkill on the DEX, though it boosts DEX to 45 instantly without the need for statted gear, masks or anything like that. However, the Historic Yoyo adds 7 DEX as well, meaning you end up at 52. Breakpoints are at values of 10, so you just wasted 2 DEX. Adding DEX to 43 and equipping a Strente+3 here would actually make you gain 2 STR over the Dexion method. VERY primitive difference here, but just thought I'd mention it. I would only recommend wearing a Dexion+3 over a +2 if you manage to maintain the 8 DEX bonus from other equipment, so you can reach 80 DEX buffed, which grants you an extra 4% critical. In short: always make sure that your total DEX (buffed, equipped, etc) can be divided by 10. Any DEX between the 0-10 value is wasted.

I personally wear a Dexion+2, and with the rest of my equipment I end up at an even 70 DEX buffed. I sometimes wear a Dexion+3, which is nice because it boosts me to 80, and thus 87% critical. The reason why I prefer Dexions over Strentes is because at any time, I can add Strentes when I spam skills (HoP records, PVP, etc) to obtain the absolute maximum STR value possible.

You can wear two Dexions+1, but then you lose out on a lot of STR seeing as you forfit another ring finger. If you can't afford a Dexion+2, I would not recommend going full STR.

5. STA - do what now?

STA, or Stamina, is your allergic reaction. Stamina in PVM is for those who whine at the sight of blinking HP, or panic when a monster does 80% of your total HP damage.

Ignore those people, and keep your STA at 15. HeapUp will take care of your STA, and your skills will take care of your life. The only attacks that can one-hit KO you are the rage criticals from D3 Desert monsters (aka v7 monsters), though they can do up to 9000+ damage, and that's a LOT of STA. If you still get 1 hit KO'd by one with 50 STA, you might as well keep it at 15. Death is death.

I have never had more than 15 STA, and have survived just fine. I have been leveling in the desert already for a while now, and I am still fine. 15 STA is simply enough or the grind life.

Note: this is concerning PVM only. Any Jester without STA in PVP/PK will die and die some more.

Survival Tips

If you're unsure about survival, use the skill Backstab. It has a high probability of stunning the enemy (65%), and in 5 seconds a Power Jester can tear off a tremendous amount of damage, if not every single bit.

If an aggro spawns on you while you fight another, make use of your Counterattack skill. Attack the non-stunned opponent, then finish off the stunned one. You can re-cast counter to always stay ahead of the game. Stay in control of your fights.

If multiple aggros spawn on you, use the skill Dark Illusion. Then pick them off one by one.

Always go for the aggros first. Get them out of the way. If there is another aggro in the area of the first one, use the skill Pulling to seperate them. This is especially handy in the Dekane Mines.

6. Clockworks: Size doesn't matter. It's the way you pwn it.

HP: 62,582,890
EXP: 249,864,550
Attack: 2800~3000
Defense: 115
Magic Defense: 140
Dexterity: 170
Intelligence: 145

These statistics should tell you right off the bat that CW is not your average giant. In fact, that's not far from the truth. What makes him so powerful is the tremendous (and ridiculous) amount of HP and some of its attacks.

Also, I refer to CW as a male. He shoots from a cannon, he likes lasers and he stomps on things. Come on now.

First of all, let me concentrate a bit more on CW's attacks. There's not too many of them, really. However, you should know about them before you venture forth into battle.


This is the most basic attack, and also pretty much the only thing you need to worry about if you play it right. Stomp is the attack where he stands on his back legs and crashes down on you and your friends/enemies/pet/stepmom.

Non rage mode: ~2000-4000
Rage mode: ~5000+
Rage mode critical: ~6000-7200

Stomp is the 1st attack in line of the 4 attack order, so Stomp will be used all the time if you don't meet the requirements for the other 3. It's an AoE, as mentioned earlier, so everyone will be hit.

Looking from the front, the back left leg is the safe spot where you will not be hit, but then you can't hit it either. Standing behind CW will make Stomp miss you, so tell your RM to be there. HC can be reached from here, while Stomp can't.

If you have 7k+ HP, stomp will almost never kill you. Don't say never completely, cause I once got one-hit KO'd by a 7200 damage stomp. o_0 Only happened once though, but I thought I should mention it.


Named after Cloud's FF7 limit break, Clockworks raises his little Axe arm high and slashes it down in a vertical thrust, pretty much knocking you straight on your ass. This attack is damaging and will hurt, and as always hits nearby bystanders as well. Damage is around the same as a strong Stomp in rage mode.

Braver seems to occur on the same distance level as laser, though maybe a bit closer. Again, this will never happen to your YJ if you attack it while underneith it. Braver is more to punish the magicians for casting spells, which you won't have a problem with.


Cannon is the attack CW will throw at you when you are out of Stomp, Braver and Laser range. It's pretty much the long distance attack, and will hurt. Cannon does a bit more damage than stomp, yet not that much more. It's a long-range Stomp if anything. Cannon is a local AoE, which means it'll hit anything that's close to the Cannon impact. Often, only long range characters get Cannon'ed, which means only one person will get hit.

Seeing as you are underneith CW as a YJ, Cannon should only be thrown at you when you warp into the CW arena. This attack is easily survived when you are buffed up, so I wouldn't worry about it.


Also known as Lazer, Lasor, Laserrrrr, LASERRRR, LA--- WTF, FUCK, RUN and HELP. Laser is the strongest monster attack in the game. It initially only does around 4000-5000 damage to you, but that's if it only touches you once. Laser is the beam that moves around the arena and can hit you multiple times if you stay in the attack long enough.

This way, Laser can easily hit you 5-6 times in a split second, causing tremendous damage. All you need to know as a YJ, is that laser equals death. Don't get hit by it.

Laser occurs when you are out of Stomp range, but too close for Cannon. CW's head will start glowing yellow, and a few seconds later it's running time. Laser reaches underneith CW too, so you're not safe from it. When the head glows, just get the fuck out of dodge, asap.

Unless you experience major disposition lag, you should never be hit with laser as a YJ killing CW by yourself. Maybe if you run from it for some reason, but while fighting resumes this should not occur. Laser is the ultimate judgement against BowJesters who think they're at a safe range.

Note: -Though all of CWs attacks are AoE-based, CW always targets one player. Make absolutely sure that this player is you, or someone else below CW. This way, it will never revert to Laser, but will stay with Stomp all the time.

When is it possible to CW as a YJ?
This all being said, as a YJ you can link-solo CW starting at lvl 90. This means you (YJ), the RM, and a couple linkers. Linkers are characters of all levels that just click CW to increase link attack damage. When I was lvl 90, I killed CW in 41 minutes with an RM and 4 linkers. The equipment?

* Rasra Set +5 / 28% attack pierced
* Strentes+1/Mighteers+1
* Historic Yoyo+10

Of course, a cape, etc. The usual crap. You don't need 28% attack. Just add a couple more minutes of fighting to it. Same goes for the +10 Yoyo. Just remember, you only have 60 minutes to kill it, so if you're not quite sure bring a Knight to Pain Dealer, or bring some extra linkers. Better safe than sorry. More on killing CW at lvl 90 below.

Right now I solo CW with just an RM. Sneaker is no longer needed and I don't need CS eels or nothing. This is with highly expensive equipment though.

Just for fun, I'll make a lvl 90 CW solo small guide. This is pretty much the worst case scenario you can have. Just think that it can only get better while doing this, and trust me, it can't get any worse. Prepare for the greatest fun you will ever have with your friends as you venture into that dark room as a lvl 90 Jester.

The prep work again~! What to bring, what to eat and what to swallow!
Here we go again, the locker room. This time, however, you have plenty of time to prepare and you should take that time.

For starters, you need equipment. I mentioned it earlier, but in worst case scenario style I'll simply make a new list for all you lazy scroll-scared fuckers.

* Rasra/Restra Set+5 - 16% attack
* Strentes/Mighteers+1
* Stam rings+6
* Gorenecklace+6
* Historic Yoyo+8
* Some cape that adds HP. Gaia or YMCA school cloak.
* Bucket of balls.

Now we require items to bring, of course. The list, once more~!

* Grilled Eel x1
* Upcut Stone x3
* Star Candy (3 stacks)
* Vital Drinks x 99
* Blessing Scrolls x lol

The stats!

Level: 90
STA: 15
DEX: 82
INT: 16

Later on after this small sub-guide, I'll add the full STR one to it.

The DEX is used to gain 110 DEX buffed. 20 from cannonball, 7 from the H.Yoyo and 1 from the +5 set. Of course, go in with blinkingHP and you got 100+% critical, and some more blockrate + accuracy you miss from only having +5.

Get a team of link attackers with you. Make them stand as far away as possible, just so they can click CW to add to your link damage. One of them should be a Mercenary class with lvl 19 Sneaker that runs in now and then to Sneaker it. This isn't NEEDED, but highly recommended. I'd get it, if I were you.

As far as self buffs: I'd use Perfect Block and Critical Swing. I don't even bother casting Poison or anything. In the time it takes to recast Blood/Poison/Absorb, you could've done tens of thousands damage, and the damage increase from said buffs will not compensate for this.

Battle Start!
And we're off! Take that upcut stone, rig the buffs and lock and load! Run underneith it and start hitting CW and Link attack alike. Your RM should be HolyCrossing AT ALL TIMES unless rebuffs are neseccary. Heal yourself. After every hit, use a Star Candy or two to stay at full HP. You need to be at full HP at all times during CW. If there is no Sneaker, time the Star Candy/Red Pill cooldown right to stay alive.

After about 30+ minutes, you should hit Rage mode. Trust me, you'll know when this happens, lol. It's when the CW healthbar is around the capitol C of Clockworks. At this time, changes are to be made.

Full STR CW solo?

At 101, full STR works the same as what I mentioned earlier. However, by the time you have full STR you'll have enough HP to tank rage crits without eels. At this point in time, CW will take you anywhere from 20-30 minutes by yourself. This is an excellent time, and highly impressive.

Not that much can be said about Full STR Clockworking. It's easy, in my opinion. Just got to stay underneith it so that you don't get Laser'd. The most fun is still that lvl 90 moment where everything goes wrong, but you still make it.

Equipment. Just made a Jester - Throw some D's on that bitch!
Your equipment is by far the most important thing in this game when it comes to making a successfull character. Hence the decision of making a seperate chapter on equipment. Also, I've had many questions on what to wear and such, so I figured this wouldn't be too inappropriate.

I'll start with the armor sets, followed by weapons. From the equipment reviews you should be able to draw my opinion out of it, though I will sum it all up in the end just for the mentally impaired.

Armor Sets 45-105

Level: 45
Bonusses: A whole lot of crap that I can't recall right now, Added Critical Damage+40%

The set you should use to grind with until you obtain Restra/Rasra. The 40% critical damage just begs to be exploited, and seeing as this is perfectly legal in all 48 continental states, do it.

Though the defense on the Hyper/Cruiser might be a tad bit low at some point, it's still nothing to worry about. A 15 STA YJ can easily survive with the help of an assist all the way to level 90. It's worth it to +8 this set, definitely. Atleast +5. Definitely the best grinding set apart from Rasra/Restra.

Level: 60
Bonusses: Defense+48, STR+10, Accuracy+15%

A nice set, most definitely. The 10 STR is a nice bonus for Yoyos of course, and the accuracy allows for lower DEX. However, seeing as you miss any critical rate bonusses at this time, you might not want to lower your DEX even more. Needless to say, this set fails to keep up with the Hyper/Cruiser.

Level: 75
Bonusses: Defense+47, FP consumption-15%, DEX+8

This set is worthless and looks like shit. The FP consumption is garbage seeing as nobody at lvl 75 should still be skill spamming, and the 8 DEX can be added manually if needed that badly. Avoid this set like Galanet avoids answering e-mails.

Level: 90
Bonusses: Defense+49, Critical Rating+15%, Added Critical Damage+40%

Hello! This is the set you absolutely MUST have as a grinding YJ. I know, people are going to PM me again "I DUN NID IT I CAN DECIDE 4 MAHSELVE", and you know who you are, but here's a random sentence describing my attention span for your ignorance: I like chicken.

The Restra/Rasra set is the supreme leveling set in all ways and then more. It adds 15% critical which is extremely nice, causing you to get away with less DEX. The critical damage bonus replaces the Hyper set as well. As far as grinding goes, you want no other set if you're looking at maxing your performance. If there was ever a set you want to +10, make it this one without regrets.

Level: 105
Bonusses: Defense+48, STR+10, DEX+10

I don't see why this set was introduced. I guess if you want to skill spam, then this set is ultimately better due to the +10 STR, but it's not worth spending any money on it. I'd avoid this set and go with the alternate set at all times.

As far as grinding goes, however, Rasra/Restra takes the lead by far still, remaining to be the supreme leveling set.

Level: 105
Bonusses: Defense+15%, Melee Block+15%, LongRange Block+15%, HP+15%

The best PvP set, hands down. All the blockrate is perfect, and the HP bonus adds nice to your already higher HP if you PvP. As with all classes, you should have this set at +8 or higher if you want to excell in PvP. The Jenes set actually looks real nice too if combined with the right items.

-I'll add the CW set once I find the bonusses for it.-

Weapons 60-110

There's not too many weapons to choose from, and quite frankly it's kind of obvious what to use. However, people still remain to ask questions about it, so oh well.

Guardian Yoyo
Level: 60
Default attack: 207~209
Bonusses: Attack Speed+10%, Defense+30

I have no fucking clue why they decided to add 30 def to this weapon. o_0 Oh well. The aspd bonus is a very nice one, and will bring you closer to 100% aspd with max Haste on. This Yoyo is also much more powerful than any NPC Yoyo, and should without a doubt be used until level 75. I wouldn't go much further than +5 on this one, to be honest. Maybe element some if you can get them cheap to +3 just to give yourself that extra damage boost.

Historic Yoyo
Level: 75
Default attack: 223~225
Bonusses: DEX+7, Added Damage of Criticals+28%

The best grinding yoyo until level 110 in version 9, hands down, no discussion, no PMs. The added critical damage is something you can never have enough of as a YJ, and no higher level weapon outclasses the damage boost gained from the 28% criticals. Without a doubt, the Yoyo to use until the very very end. If you can, +8-10 this one. If you really can, +10 with some +10 elements on it to cause major damage increase. You'll use this for the rest of your YJ life, so don't worry about wasting money on it. It'll all be worth it. The DEX is also very nice to hit new crit breaks.

Angels Yoyo
Level: 90
Default attack: 247~249
Bonusses: STR+10, DEX+5

Crap. Maybe good for skill spamming in PvP, though you should always use your critical hits in PvP as well, so the 75 Yoyo would still be preferred in my opinion. If you want to break a HoP record, this is the one you need to +10. Otherwise: garbage. I laugh at the people who exchange the H.yoyo with this one for grinding at 90+. Way to bottleneck your powerhouse.

Legendary Golden Yoyo
Level: 105
Default attack: 258~260
Bonusses: HP+15%, Attack Speed+10%

This is a very nice Yoyo for PvP, and should always be used in my opinion once in the ring/Seige. The HP adds to the survival rate, which is your number 1 concern anyway in PvP. The attack speed brings you to a nice percentage with maxed haste at very low DEX levels (up to 90+), so this is a definite recommendation for PvP. I would never give up the H.Yoyo for grinding though.

Bloody Yoyo
Level: 110
Default attack: 271-273
Bonusses: DEX+10, DEF+100, HP Rate +15%

This has to be one of the best inexpencive yoyos there is for PvP. The added Dex is a awsome addition which would further decrease the base dex you need (Which means more points towards your strength). Much better then the Legendary Golden Yoyo.

Ultimate Lusaka's Yoyo
Level: 75
Default attack: 399-401
Bonnusses: ADOCH +20%, DEX +10

Ok were getting into the more expencive Yoyos now boys and girls. Out of all the more expencive yoyos I would personally pass this Yoyo. Its bonus is preety good but still falls far short from the other Yoyos.

Ultimate Vampire Yoyo
Level: 120
Default attack: 478-481
Bonnusses: Crit Rate+10%, ADOCH +20%, Attack Speed+10%

Alot better then the Bloody Yoyo for PvP. I would suggest this Yoyo if your trying to decide between Vampire and Bloody. Still saddly doesn't live up to the higher yoyos.

Ultimate Ancient Yoyo
Level: 120 Master
Default attack: 581-584
Bonnusses: Crit Rate+22%, ADOCH +36%, Attack Speed+22%

Ok this has to be one of the best Yoyos for PvP ever. If you can afford it I would totally suggest getting this Yoyo.

Build made by SilentXHiLL
Edited by me ^_^

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Interesting guide.
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PostSubject: Re: Power jester build   Power jester build EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 12:58 am

ty, My friend just told me about you guys so I figured I would drop a build and try out the server
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That's awesome!
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Nice guide but did you leave the credits? o:
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[KN_Owner]Kaiiku wrote:
That's awesome!

You didn't read this at all, TO LONG FOR YOU. I KNOW YOU, TL;DR?

And good job you deserve a hug
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I did, actually.
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whoops I actually forgot the credits. Thnx for pointing it out.
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Power jester build
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