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 [Info] Donatiosn -- What are they?

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[Info] Donatiosn -- What are they? Empty
PostSubject: [Info] Donatiosn -- What are they?   [Info] Donatiosn -- What are they? EmptyMon Dec 20, 2010 5:28 pm

Donations, as the name says it, are simple DO-NA-TI-ONS!
Meaning, you accept to give your money and expect nothing in return, as the definition states.

In our case, a donation rewards you for your efforts with rare objects or items.

Donations, in no way, will make any single player suddenly LOLWTFISTHATLOL? more powerful than another.

Donations --much like the eFlyFF CS-- will simply help you attain your goals faster than normal, but in no way make you stronger by a long-shot.

Of course, you may get richer, have better items, but in time, you end up being equal to the person that worked for them.

All in all, donations ARE NOT BAD. Rather, they help us maintain this server 24/7 (most of the time [99%]) and allow you to play a little bit less hardcore.

In summary, by donating, you give your money freely.
We simply reward you with bonus artifacts.
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[Info] Donatiosn -- What are they?
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