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 element glow change

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PostSubject: element glow change   element glow change EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 8:18 am

ok this isnt a post that is needed to 100% but i want to ask anyways.. but most to try my signature ^^

what do tou think about the element glow? wind, earth and wanter? want me to change any of them?

and also, we might add coca-cola bottels that is super awesome, but will have 10 sec cooldown. there will be 33cl, 0.5l, 1.5l, and 2 liter

33cl - fp/mp/hp heals 2000 - around 200k
0.5l - fp/mp/hp heals 3000 - around 400k
1.5l - fp/mp/hp heals 5000 - around 800k
2l - fp/mp/hp heals 9999 -around 1.5m

all will have 10 secs cooldown and prize is above ^
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element glow change
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